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EPAQ Quality Label

The quality label of the European Association for Panels and Profiles is called EPAQ (European Panels and Profiles Assured Quality)

The Quality Label EPAQ illustrates the connection of a clear and straight design realized by using panels and profiles - and a good and pure quality that is the result of a clear and straight production and supervision process.

 EPAQ Quality Label - Certificate of Registration

Use of the Quality Label EPAQ

The members of the association are allowed to use the Quality Label EPAQ for their products only after a strict process of auditing, testing and evaluation by independent third parties. After this process, independent experts decide on the award of the quality label.

This decision will be scrutinized every year by checking the regular reports of the independent third parties who are doing the auditing visits and the testing of samples. If a manufacturer does not fulfill the EPAQ-requirements any longer, the association withdraws the quality label for his products.

After the award of the Quality Label EPAQ, the manufacturer is permitted to show the quality label on his products or to use it for advertisement purposes.

Each manufacturer with a Quality Label EPAQ gets a quality certificate for his products which are controlled under the EPAQ quality scheme.